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Maximizing photo opportunites when Traveling

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Maximizing photo opportunites when Traveling

If you travel and enjoy photography as a hobby or more seriously you've undoubtedly found yourself in the right place at the wrong time. It happens to me all the time. Many of my trips combine pleasure with work and include friends or family that are less attuned to the needs of a photographer! Don't get me wrong, my companions are usually great, but there is often a fair amount of compromise in our scheduling that doesn't always allow me to photograph my subject at the optimal time.

So, assuming you are attempting to maintain a high standard, how to you continue to capture that sense of place and memories if, say, the sun is high in the sky and the light is harsh. For the most part sweeping landscape shots are not going to look good. Even portraits and details are not going to look good under the open sky. It is in these situations where I'll put the camera away or search out the details that yield a sense of place. But just as important as the subject matter is where the subject is located. I'm looking for my subjects to be out of the sunlight - under covered areas or indoors. Bounce or diffused light is a great light source and can make for interesting images. I'll even move my subjects into this type of light to get the shot. So, you can continue to capture interesting, quality images throughout the day if you consider opportunities where the light works for you instead of against you. Try it next time you travel.

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